In a word, YES. 

Here is how you should focus your brand strategy and social marketing efforts for big wins this year… 

For the small business owner, it has always been a difficult journey to balance the demands of keeping both feet in the day to day demands of the business, while also producing a strategic, relevant and engaging conversation through the dizzying array of social media channels. Add in the constantly evolving parameters for what is ‘effective’ and some of us literally throw up our hands in defeat before we’ve even started.

Here is where we SBO’s catch a rebound and we find ourselves on the level playing field I mentioned earlier…

The past few years has been marked by the rise of massive influencers, paid, targeted media buying with big ad budgets, and shiny, highly produced images and video… but here is what is changing in 2023- 

  1. THE RISE of User Generated Content (UGC)
  2. DEMAND for more CONNECTION and AUTHENTICITY across all audiences
  3. CREATIVE is the only differential and your message will only be as good as the creative assets you feed your channels

Let’s break down how a small business can take these three ideas and launch an incredibly effective social media marketing strategy with a smaller budget and bigger ROI than ever in 2023:

User Generated Content is being utilized more often today than yesterday and the day before. Brands are hiring USERS (rather than an influencer or the company itself) to create product photos and videos using their products. The value is that it is seen as more authentic and trustworthy (see #2 above) and can build brand loyalty and engagement. Incorporating UGC into your social media strategy will increase visibility in your community and naturally build trust too. 

Audiences are demanding more authenticity in the messaging they consume, so this is a natural progression of the idea of UGC. Consumers are increasingly skeptical of brands that only present a polished image and instead crave genuine, authentic experiences. With thoughtful, creative assets (see #3 above) centered around your brand story, your business can create meaningful connections that align with your audience’s values and beliefs. It’s been challenging to stand out in a sea of advertisements, but now the winner is simply the experiences you ALREADY OFFER!!

Creative is the key… this cannot be understated! Now that we’re all on the same field, the one and only differential between your business and a major score is your creative content: Photos that express what it feels like to engage with your brand and leave your audience with feeling… Videos that are engaging glimpses and little known parts of your story… Graphics that don’t overwhelm but simply communicate… And copy writing that supports what is portrayed visually. 

This year your business has the opportunity to rise and move the needle in defining your brand and converting your audience to loyal customers. 

Don’t show up on the field without your TEAM! Collaborate with a marketing team that understands these ideas and will create a plan to implement these strategies for your success in 2023!

Written by: Alycia Moreno

Photos by: Alycia Moreno for Little Vineyards with Creative Direction by: Angela Quitasol